Sheila Conlon

Pilates and Movement

I trained at Pilates International in Highgate with Martin and Heather Sampson in 1998 and completed a certified apprenticeship with them as that was how the method was originally passed on. Was fortunate to have also studied under many inspirational teachers including two masters who were taught under Joseph Pilates himself Sheila Conlon Pilates and was affiliated to the Body Control Pilates Association for about 18 years.

Happy working with groups or individuals, currently working in the creative and corporate world in central London and have taught a number of celebrities and high profile clients.

Qualified in Exercise Counselling and Fitness Assessment. Also modules in PT, pump, step, circuits and exercise to music which were undertaken over a ten year period.

Additionally studied the Alexander Technique from 1982 to present day in London. The body posture wisdom and release of outdated patterns of being and moving I also strongly bring to my work.

Voice and Singing

Sheila Conlon Music

Music was my first love and I have been a vocalist all of my life. Picked up by CBS Record Producers as a school soloist aged 12, then went on to record and perform live during my teenage years until age 17.

Had a record deal in the 1980's with my then husband and have since written an album with a very gifted musician and songwriter Louis Lilac and friends and continue to write my inspirations as they come to me.

Experience gained doing sessions and also worked on and contributed to many projects in the past. Was a semi-professional singer with a couple of bands in the 1990's, one being a full on disco band called Stuff Like That. Prefer now to work more with higher musical frequencies.

Clothes and Fashion

Sheila Conlon Fashion

I have always adored fashion and form and would design outfits as a child.

Currently own a (vast!) collection of vintage and designer clothes which I style myself and remain passionate about to this day!

You can look me up on Instagram @sheilasthreads.

Spiritual Workshops

Have been on my spiritual path for 20 years now and have learnt to heal myself and others through the wisdom and guidance of many evolved masters. All of whom I am eternally gratefully to.

Some of these are Chloe Goodchild, Amanda Ard, Joan Osborne, Diana Savil, Stuart Pearce, James D'Angelo, Kriyaji, Amma, Mother Meera, Vishwananda, Jeff Levin, Diana Rice @ Life Alignment, Sarasi Rogers of Family Constellations and many more.

I hold workshops teaching on spiritual matters and energy understanding and also heal using voice, crystals and Violet Flame. Can clear spaces of negative forms and can counsel to help remove blockages and transmute energy on all levels, through the higher realms. Always.

Contact Me

If you want to find out more then call on 07572 027939 or else fill out the form below or you can also email me here

Services (online or personal)

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  • Spritual Workshops
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